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North Dakota

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FOR SALE  ) 1997 Bell 407FOR SALE ) 1997 Bell 407
Voller Airport (ND41) North Dakota
 99,999,999.99 USD
Garmin GNS 430W - GPS/NAV/COMGarmin GNS 430W - GPS/NAV/COM
Tioga Municipal Airport (D60, KD60) North Dakota
 3,000 USD
Wedgcor Steel HangarsWedgcor Steel Hangars
Washburn Municipal Airport (5C8, K5C8) North Dakota
1984 rand robinson  kr21984 rand robinson kr2
Whitman Field (ND54) North Dakota
 8,500 USD
12 foot floats never drilled12 foot floats never drilled
Mandan Municipal Airport (Y19, KY19) North Dakota
 1,500 USD
sonerai ll  cowlingsonerai ll cowling
Whitman Field (ND54) North Dakota
 700 USD
2012 Taylor Mono2012 Taylor Mono
Voller Airport (ND41) North Dakota
 1,500 USD

North Dakota Airports

Amble-Tiger North Farms Airport (8ND0)
Anderson Private Airport (NA10)
Anderson Strip (NA65)
Andvik Airport (1ND3)
Arthur Airport (1A2)
Ashley Municipal Airport (ASY, KASY)
Ausk Strip (8ND5)
Bakke Airport (61ND)
Bakko Airstrip (NA99)
Barnes County Municipal Airport (6D8, K6D8)
Beach Airport (20U, K20U)
Behrens Airstrip (NA30)
Berg Field (72ND)
Berg Strip (4NA5)
Beulah Airport (95D, K95D)
Bismarck Municipal Airport (BIS, KBIS)
Bodmer Airport (9NA4)
Bohn Airstrip (1NA0)
Boll Brothers Airstrip (NA03)
Bottineau Municipal Airport (D09, KD09)
Bouret Ranch Airport (NA06)
Bowbells Municipal Airport (5B4)
Bowman Municipal Airport (BPP, KBPP)
Boyd's Turf Airport (0NA9)
Brands Airport (ND62)
Brecht Strip (08ND)
Breckheimer Airport (19ND)
Brekhus Field (2ND9)
Bryn Airport (ND09)
Buchmiller Airport (7ND5)
Camp Grafton Heliport (8NA7)
Cando Municipal Airport (9D7, K9D7)
Carrington Municipal Airport (46D, K46D)
Casselton Robert Miller Regional Airport (5N8, K5N8)
Casslindan Airport (2ND3)
Cavalier Municipal Airport (2C8, K2C8)
Central Valley Aviation Airport (NA81)
Chase Airstrip (6NA5)
Chitwood Airstrip (26ND)
Circle Z Landing Strip (NA90)
Cloud Nine Airport (ND98)
Columbus Municipal Airport (D49)
Cooperstown Municipal Airport (S32, KS32)
Craig Private Airport (5ND3)
Crooked Lake Airstrip (20ND)
Crosby Municipal Airport (D50, KD50)
Dahl Private Airport (ND90)
Dakota Airport (NA60)
Dakota Clinic Heliport (9NA2)
Dakota Specialty Institute Hospital Heliport (ND45)
Dawson Mediport Heliport (ND33)
Deck Airport (5ND9)
Deep River Seaplane Base (8NA1)
Devils Lake Municipal Airport (DVL, KDVL)
Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport (DIK, KDIK)
Dilse Private Airstrip (NA98)
Dittmer Airport (1ND7)
Don's Airport (ND36)
Dorbrinski Airport (NA39)
Downs Farm Private Airport (7NA0)
Drayton Municipal Airport (D29)
Edgeley Municipal Airport (51D, K51D)
Elgin Municipal Airport (Y71)
Ellendale Municipal Airport (4E7, K4E7)
Ellig Field (ND99)
Elliott Farms Airport (9ND1)
Erickson Airport (3NA0)
Fessenden Municipal Airport (D24)
Fischer Private Airport (ND22)
Fitterer's Strip (06ND)
Flying S Ranch Airport (ND43)
Flying-N-Ranch Airport (ND10)
Folske Ranch Airport (78ND)
Fordville Airport (ND14)
Forest Airport (7ND8)
Fredericks Ranch Airport (44ND)
Frei Private Airport (ND16)
Frokjer Airport (ND60)
Fugleberg Farm Airport (6ND6)
Gackle Municipal Airport (9G9)
Gage Flying Farmer Airport (3ND5)
Gajewski Field (ND26)
Garrison Dam Recreational Airpark (37N)
Garrison Municipal Airport (D05, KD05)
Gensrich Airport (ND20)
Georgeson Farm Strip (NA44)
Geske Airfield (ND47)
Gienger/Box Bar Ranch Airport (1NA5)
Gilbertson Field (0ND0)
Glen Ullin Regional Airport (D57, KD57)
Goerger Airport (0NA1)
Goodman Strip (88ND)
Gorder Farm Heliport (40ND)
Grand Forks Air Force Base (RDR, KRDR)
Grand Forks International Airport (GFK, KGFK)
Grand Forks Par Site Heliport (ND81)
Grenora Centennial Airport (7N6)
Grieve Airport (ND59)
Gwinner Roger Melroe Field (GWR, KGWR)
Hagen Private Airport (14ND)
Hager Strip (NA55)
Hamry Field (K74, KK74)
Harry Stern Airport (BWP, KBWP)
Harvey Municipal Airport (5H4, K5H4)
Hashbarger Farm Airstrip (8NA9)
Haugen Farm Airstrip (5NA2)
Haugen's Airport (7ND7)
Hazelton Municipal Airport (6H8)
Hector International Airport (FAR, KFAR)
Hettinger Municipal Airport (HEI, KHEI)
Heyde Airport (8ND4)
Hiam Private Airport (7NA3)
Hillsboro Municipal Airport (3H4, K3H4)
Hinkle Airport (9ND8)
Holen Aerial Spray Airstrip (NA25)
Holzman Airstrip (NA89)
Horsley Airstrip (NA67)
Hought Airstrip (NA18)
Hudson's Strip (NA20)
Humann Private Airstrip (ND85)
Hutson Field (GAF, KGAF)
Indian Hill Resort Airport (ND87)
Ingebretson Airspray Airport (7NA4)
Inkster Airport (ND24)
International Peace Garden Airport (S28)
J Vining Airport (8ND6)
J. R. Heliport (3NA7)
Jacob Gust Airport (NA17)
Jamestown Regional Airport (JMS, KJMS)
Jenson Airport (NA01)
Johnson Airport (2ND7)
Johnson Airstrip (NA32)
Johnson Private Airport (NA12)
Johnson Private Airstrip (NA86)
Judy Strip (ND18)
Jurgens Airstrip (75ND)
Kalainov Private Airport (ND32)
Kelly's Field (7ND2)
Kenmare Municipal Airport (7K5, K7K5)
Kersten Brothers Airport (6NA7)
Knutson Airport (4ND1)
Kornkven Airstrip (NA07)
Kraft Airport (2ND0)
Kraig Farms Airport (NA05)
Krause Private Airport (ND49)
Kyllo Airport (84ND)
L. Seckerson Airstrip (NA84)
La Moure Rott Municipal Airport (4F9, K4F9)
Lakota Municipal Airport (5L0, K5L0)
Larimore Municipal Airport (2L1)
Larson Airport (6ND2)
Leeds Municipal Airport (D31, KD31)
Letzring Airport (ND65)
Lidgerwood Municipal Airport (4N4)
Liechty Farm Airport (8NA5)
Lill Strip (NA75)
Lindemann Airport (ND35)
Lindvig Airstrip (4NA0)
Linrud Airstrip (NA13)
Linton Municipal Airport (7L2, K7L2)
Lisbon Municipal Airport (6L3, K6L3)
Lisburg Airport (6ND3)
Lonetree Airstrip (ND72)
Lorentzen Airport (3NA2)
M Heart Ranch Airport (73ND)
M. Bodvig Airstrip (NA71)
Maddock Municipal Airport (6D3)
Makeeff Airport (2ND2)
Mandan Municipal Airport (Y19, KY19)
Marsh Brothers Airstrip (6NA6)
Mayville Municipal Airport (D56, KD56)
McClusky Municipal Airport (7G2)
McGee Strip (NA77)
McVille Municipal Airport (8M6)
Medcenter One Hospital Med-I-Port Heliport (ND30)
Mercer Co Regional Airport (HZE, KHZE)
Michael Zurcher Farm Strip (94ND)
Millers Airstrip (81ND)
Milnor Municipal Airport (4R6)
Minnkota Private Airport (23ND)
Minot Air Force Base (MIB, KMIB)
Minot International Airport (MOT, KMOT)
Minto Municipal Airport (D06)
Moellenkamp Airport (63ND)
Moen Airport (ND34)
Moffet Airstrip (NA56)
Mohall Municipal Airport (HBC, KHBC)
Morten Airport (62ND)
Moser Airstrip (NA54)
Mott Municipal Airport (3P3, K3P3)
Mutschler Field (ND89)
Myran Airstrip (1NA9)
Napoleon Municipal Airport (5B5, K5B5)
Nelson Airport (ND01)
New Town Municipal Airport (05D, K05D)
Nicks Landing Airport (4NA6)
Northwood Municipal Vince Field (4V4, K4V4)
Oakes Municipal Airport (2D5, K2D5)
Odegaard Airport (57ND)
Olafson Brothers Airport (03ND)
Page Regional Airport (64G)
Park River W C Skjerven Field (Y37, KY37)
Parshall Hankins Airport (Y74, KY74)
Paul Airstrip (NA49)
Pembina Municipal Airport (PMB, KPMB)
Pete's Port Airport (55ND)
Pete's Tractor Salvage Airport (ND75)
Peterson Airport (ND73)
Peterson Airport (ND86)
Peterson Airstrip (4NA3)
Pfau Private Airport (4ND4)
Philbrick Private Airstrip (NA79)
Pietschtree Airstrip (12ND)
Plath Farms Airport (34ND)
Poleschook Airport (89ND)
Preszler Airstrip (1NA8)
Pruetz Municipal Airport (5K9)
Punton Private Airport (ND07)
R J Bohn Armory Heliport (ND11)
R. Leep Strip (53ND)
Rau Field (ND40)
Regan Airstrip (NA88)
Reimers Airport (79ND)
Rices Airpark (ND38)
Richardton Airport (4E8)
Richtsmeier Airport (52ND)
Ricketyback Field (ND02)
Ring Rock Ranch Airport (4NA1)
Ripplinger Strip (NA33)
Risovi Ranch Strip (3NA6)
Robertson Field (D55, KD55)
Rolette Airport (2H9, K2H9)
Rolla Municipal Airport (06D, K06D)
Rosenau Airport (21ND)
Roy Lohse Airport (NA92)
Rugby Municipal Airport (RUG, KRUG)
Sabbe Brothers Landing Strip (NA38)
Sakakawea Medical Center Heliport (ND50)
Sanden Airport (4ND8)
Saure Airport (NA02)
Sauter Airport (ND96)
Saville Private Airport (0ND7)
Schirmeister Private Airport (48ND)
Schroeder Airport (ND92)
Schroeder Private Airport (38ND)
Schumacher Strip (0ND6)
Semchenko Airport (5NA0)
Sjule Private Airstrip (7NA9)
Skinningsrud Airport (6ND9)
Sky Haven Airport (5N4)
Slater Farm Airport (2NA7)
Sloulin Field International Airport (ISN, KISN)
Smith Airstrip (NA70)
Smith Private Airport (ND74)
Smith Strip (10ND)
Sobolik Airport (98ND)
Soderquist Airport (2NA0)
Sorlie Airport (0NA5)
South Hector Airstrip (6NA2)
Spitzer Airport (ND80)
St Alexius Med-I-Port Heliport (ND46)
St Aloisius Medical Center Heliport (ND27)
St Thomas Municipal Airport (4S5)
St. Luke's Hospital Heliport (ND48)
Standing Rock Airport (Y27, KY27)
Stanley Municipal Airport (08D, K08D)
Stiehl Airport (5ND0)
Storseth Airstrip (NA63)
Strom Private Airport (6NA0)
Sunset Strip (37ND)
Swenson Airport (ND29)
Tachenko Strip (NA61)
Tappen Airstrip (8NA0)
Tengesdal Airport (69ND)
Tesch Strip (5ND4)
Thompson Private Airport (NA21)
Tioga Municipal Airport (D60, KD60)
Tomlinson Field (8J7, K8J7)
Towner County Medical Center Heliport (ND28)
Towner Municipal Airport (D61)
Trinity Medical Center Heliport (2ND4)
Troy Field (80ND)
True North Airpark (ND52)
Trulson Field (Y99)
Turner Field (ND76)
Turtle Lake Municipal Airport (91N)
Underwood Airport (ND44)
Undlin Airstrip (7NA2)
Vernon Miller Private Airport (NA22)
Vining Airport (ND68)
Voller Airport (ND41)
Waldie Farms Airport (67ND)
Walhalla Municipal Airport (96D, K96D)
Walkinshaw Airport (1ND4)
Walser Strip (97ND)
Warren Pietsch Airport (ND42)
Washburn Municipal Airport (5C8, K5C8)
Watford City Municipal Airport (S25, KS25)
Welstad Farms Airstrip (NA73)
West Fargo Municipal Airport (D54, KD54)
Westerlind Airport (2ND1)
Westhope Municipal Airport (D64, KD64)
Weydahl Field (9Y1, K9Y1)
Whitman Field (ND54)
Wilcox Farm Airport (ND78)
Wishek Municipal Airport (6L5, K6L5)
Wolberg's Private Airport (7ND1)
Wright Field (ND23)
Z. P. Field (64ND)

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