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2008 Cirrus SR20-G32008 Cirrus SR20-G3
Jackson Evers International Airport (JAN, KJAN) Mississippi
 214,900 USD
 1990 weedhopper 2-C
Columbus Lowndes County Airport (UBS, KUBS) Mississippi
 5,000 USD
 1990 weedhopper 2-C
Columbus Lowndes County Airport (UBS, KUBS) Mississippi
 5,000 USD
2011 Velocity2011 Velocity
Hernando Village Airpark, Inc Airport (H75) Mississippi
 45,000 USD

Mississippi Airports

Abide Airpark (MS30)
Ackerman Choctaw County Airport (9M4, K9M4)
Adjutant General Office Heliport (MS91)
Aerohead Airport (MS27)
Alcorn State University Airport (MS28)
Alton Field (MS83)
Andersons Hospital Heliport (MS32)
Arnold Field (4MS7)
Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle Heliport (25MS)
Baptist Memorial Hospital-North Ms Heliport (0MS3)
Barrett Field (MS96)
Belzoni Municipal Airport (1M2, K1M2)
Ben L. Briggs Heliport (MS87)
Berryhill Farms Airport (MS64)
Bird Nest Airport (4MS5)
Bobby L Chain Municipal Airport (HBG, KHBG)
Bolivar County Hospital Heliport (MS01)
Booneville Baldwyn Airport (8M1, K8M1)
Brookhaven Lincoln County Airport (1R7, K1R7)
Bruce Campbell Field (MBO, KMBO)
Burney Farms Airport (MS54)
C A Moore Airport (19M, K19M)
Calhoun County Airport (04M, K04M)
Carthage Leake County Airport (08M, K08M)
Casino Center Heliport (4MS8)
Catfish Point Airport (0MS8)
Cedar Creek Air Ranch Airport (MS26)
Charleston Municipal Airport (09M, K09M)
Christmas Airport (MS03)
Circle Bar Ranch Airport (46MS)
Clarke County Airport (23M, K23M)
Clay Airport (MS50)
Cleveland Municipal Airport (RNV, KRNV)
Cochran Airport (4MS9)
Colle Field (34MS)
Columbia Marion County Airport (0R0, K0R0)
Columbus Air Force Base (CBM, KCBM)
Columbus Air Force Base Auxiliary Airfield (1MS8)
Columbus Lowndes County Airport (UBS, KUBS)
Copiah County Airport (M11, KM11)
Country Club Airport (MS15)
Crosby Municipal Airport (C71, KC71)
Dale Landing Strip (MS45)
Daniel Emergency Response Team Heliport (10MS)
Davis Field (MS62)
Dean Griffin Memorial Airport (M24, KM24)
Dee's Strip (5MS6)
Delta Flying Service Inc Airport (MS65)
Delta Regional Medical Center Heliport (MS05)
Diamondhead Airport (66Y, K66Y)
Dilworth Airport (MS18)
Dogwood Acres Airport (4MS2)
Dorr Field (MS95)
Double O Ranch Airport (MS00)
E E Lane Airport (3MS6)
Eagle Crest Estates Airport (7MS1)
Eagles Ridge Airport (1MS6)
Echelon Heliport (MS07)
Eifling Farms Airport (MS13)
Eupora Airport (06M, K06M)
Fairview Farms Airport (3MS8)
Falcon Field (MS69)
Farmco Field (MS98)
Flautt Airport (MS38)
Fletcher Field (CKM, KCKM)
Flowood Industrial STOLport (MS90)
Flying Y Service Airport (MS41)
Forest Home Airport (MS23)
Forrest General Hospital Heliport (MS81)
Franklin Field (0MS1)
Fred Netterville Lumber County Airport (MS57)
Fulton-Itawamba County Airport (11M)
G V Montgomery Airport (2M4, K2M4)
General Dan C Mills Emergency Heliport (1MS5)
George Ford Airport (MS48)
George M Bryan Airport (KSTF)
Glidwell Flying Service Airport (MS09)
Gmh Heliport (MS56)
Golden Triangle Regional Airport (GTR, KGTR)
Grand Gulf Heliport (3MS0)
Green Acres Airport (12MS)
Greener Pastures Airpark (13MS)
Greenwood Leflore Airport (GWO, KGWO)
Greenwood-Leflore Hospital Heliport (MS16)
Grenada Municipal Airport (GNF, KGNF)
Gulf Coast Community Hospital-Emergency Heliport (MS67)
Gulfport Biloxi International Airport (GPT, KGPT)
Gulfport Jail Heliport (MS89)
Hagler Army Air Field (SLJ, KSLJ)
Hale Field (0MS7)
Hardy Anders Field Natchez Adams County Airport (HEZ, KHEZ)
Harrell Field (MS08)
Hasting Airpark (MS80)
Hattiesburg Laurel Regional Airport (PIB, KPIB)
Hawkins Field (HKS, KHKS)
Heigle Field (MS92)
Hernando Village Airpark, Inc Airport (H75)
Hesler Noble Field (LUL, KLUL)
Hobbs Airport (MS33)
Hoffman Private Airport (04MS)
Hollandale Municipal Airport (14M, K14M)
Holly Springs Marshall County Airport (M41, KM41)
Hooper Skylark Field (MS93)
Hopper Field (MS04)
Houston Municipal Airport (M44, KM44)
Huntley Airport (MS25)
I H Bass Jr Memorial Airport (4R1, K4R1)
Indianola Municipal Airport (IDL, KIDL)
Iuka Airport (15M, K15M)
Iuka Hospital Heliport (16MS)
Jackson Evers International Airport (JAN, KJAN)
James H Easom Field (M23, KM23)
Jeter Field (4MS3)
Joe Sanford Field (MS24)
Joe Williams Nolf Airport (NJW, KNJW)
John Bell Williams Airport (M16, KM16)
Keesler Air Force Base (BIX, KBIX)
Kennedy Executive Airport (MS66)
Key Field (MEI, KMEI)
Kimmel Land & Cattle Airport (2MS9)
Kosciusko Attala County Airport (OSX, KOSX)
Lamb's Field (MS68)
Lang Flying Service Airport (MS77)
Lee's Field (MS74)
Lester Field (MS21)
Leuth Flying Service Airport (MS52)
Levert Heliport (0MS6)
Lewis Air Service Airport (0MS5)
Lewis Airport (MS75)
Linwood Airport (MS06)
Louisville Winston County Airport (LMS, KLMS)
Lundys Heliport (MS60)
Macon Municipal Airport (20M, K20M)
Magee Municipal Airport (17M, K17M)
Mccharen Field (M83, KM83)
McComb Pike County John E. Lewis Field (MCB, KMCB)
McGehee Air Park (MS49)
McLain-Calico Airport (MS70)
Memorial Hospital Heliport (MS17)
Meridian Naval Air Station (NMM, KNMM)
Methodist Medical Center Heliport (1MS4)
Mid Delta Regional Airport (GLH, KGLH)
Mint Julep Airpark (5MS5)
Mississippi Petrified Forest Airport (MS42)
Mitchell's Airport (3MS5)
Mohr Farm Airport (MS11)
Monroe County Airport (M40, KM40)
Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital Heliport (1MS3)
Morgan Field (0MS2)
Murphey Flying Service Airport (MS22)
Neshoba General Hospital Heliport (1MS1)
New Albany Union County Airport (M72, KM72)
Newell Flying Service Airport (MS20)
Nwmrmc Heliport (MS94)
Ocean Springs Airport (5R2, K5R2)
Oglesby Farms Inc. Airport (MS86)
Okolona Municipal Rich Stovall Field (5A4, K5A4)
Oktibbeha Airport (M51, KM51)
Olive Branch Airport (OLV, KOLV)
Oreck Airport (MS88)
Panola County Airport (PMU, KPMU)
Parkview Regional Medical Center Heliport (MS79)
Pascagoula Naval Station Heliport (3MS4)
Pascagoula Refinery Pad Nr 1 Heliport (MS78)
Pascagoula Refinery Pad Nr 2 Heliport (MS19)
Pascagoula Refinery Pad Nr 3 Heliport (MS02)
Paul Pittman Memorial Airport (T36, KT36)
Payne Airport (4MS0)
Peterson Airport (1MS2)
Philadelphia Municipal Airport (MPE, KMPE)
Picayune Airport (KPCU)
Picayune Municipal Airport (MJD, KMJD)
Piker-Too Airport (1MS9)
Pontotoc County Airport (22M, K22M)
Poplarville Pearl River County Airport (M13, KM13)
Porter Airport (5MS3)
Prentiss Jefferson Davis County Airport (M43, KM43)
Puff Airpark (2MS7)
Reality Plantation Airport (MS34)
Richton Perry County Airport (M59, KM59)
Ripley Airport (25M, K25M)
River Region Medical Center Heliport (17MS)
Rocking T Ranch Airport (MS99)
Rollang Field (5MS1)
Root Hog Airport (3MS3)
Roscoe Turner Airport (CRX, KCRX)
Rose Field (14MS)
Ruleville Drew Airport (M37, KM37)
Rye Field (MS63)
Schloss Adlers Airport (MS55)
Segars Heliport (MS73)
Selfs Airport (MMS, KMMS)
Shade Tree Field (MS82)
Shannon Field (02CD)
Shelby Air Svc Airport (93MS)
Shenandoah Valley Farms Airport (0MS9)
Sheriff's Courthouse Heliport (0MS4)
Simpson Field (MS61)
Singing River Hospital Heliport (MS72)
Skelton Airport (MS85)
Slobovia Outernational Airport (MS71)
Smith County Airport (MS39)
Smith County General Hospital Heliport (1MS7)
Southland Flying Service Inc. Airport (MS40)
Southwest Regional Medical Center Heliport (MS47)
Spearman Field (4MS4)
Spencer Field (2MS8)
St Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital Heliport (MS46)
Stennis International Airport (HSA, KHSA)
Supplejack Airport (MS36)
Tapley Airport (1MS0)
Tgp Station 54 Heliport (2MS2)
Tgp Station 542 Heliport (2MS3)
Tgp Station 546 Heliport (2MS4)
Tgp Station 63 Heliport (2MS6)
Tgp Station 843 Heliport (2MS1)
Tgp Station 847 Heliport (2MS5)
Tgp Station 851 Heliport (2MS0)
Thigpen Field (00M, K00M)
Thomas Field (3MS1)
Thunderfoot Ranch Airport (3MS2)
Tishomingo County Airport (01M, K01M)
Topton Air Estates Airport (0MS0)
Trent Lott International Airport (PQL, KPQL)
Tri Lakes Medical Center Heliport (MS31)
Tullos Field (MS58)
Tunica Airport (30M)
Tunica Municipal Airport (UTA, KUTA)
Tupelo Regional Airport (TUP, KTUP)
Turkey Bayou Airpark (5MS2)
Turner Field (MS10)
Union Municipal Airport (3MS9)
University Hospital Heliport (4MS6)
University Oxford Airport (UOX, KUOX)
Va Hospital Heliport (MS97)
Va Medical Center Jackson Heliport (05MS)
Valley of The Moon Airport (MS59)
Vicksburg Medical Center Heliport (03MS)
Vicksburg Municipal Airport (VKS, KVKS)
Vortex Heliport (35M)
Wade Airport (MS35)
Wade Field (MS76)
Walnut Creek Airport (5MS4)
Water Valley Municipal Airport (33M, K33M)
Watts Field (02MS)
Waynesboro Municipal Airport (2R0, K2R0)
West Bolivar Flying Service Airport (MS37)
Whitaker Airport (MS43)
Williams Field (08MS)
Winona Montgomery County Airport (5A6, K5A6)
Wolf River Ranch Airport (MS53)
Woodbridge Airport (6MS1)
Yazoo County Airport (87I, K87I)

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