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Rotax 582 ULRotax 582 UL
Wheaton Municipal Airport (ETH, KETH) Minnesota
 7,200 USD
2008 Cirrus SR20-G32008 Cirrus SR20-G3
Duluth International Airport (DLH, KDLH) Minnesota
 179,900 USD
 2013 kitfoxlite extra
Bemidji Regional Airport (BJI, KBJI) Minnesota
1991 KitFox IV1991 KitFox IV
Cloquet Carlton County Airport (COQ, KCOQ) Minnesota
 30,000 USD
ROTAX 618 with gearbox and warp drive 322 hoursROTAX 618 with gearbox and warp drive 322 hours
Minneapolis St Paul International Airport (MSP, KMSP) Minnesota
 2,950 USD
 1946 cessna 140
Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport (BRD, KBRD) Minnesota
 21,000 USD
2005 Columbia 4002005 Columbia 400
South St Paul Municipal Richard E Fleming Airport (SGS, KSGS) Minnesota
 300,000 USD
Elbow Lake Municipal-Pride of the Prairie Airport (Y63) Minnesota
 475 USD

Minnesota Airports

A.R.S. Sport Strip (7Y7)
Abbott Northwestern Hospital Heliport (MN10)
Advance Machine Company Heliport (MY85)
Aero-Plain Airport (MN98)
Aerovilla Airport (MN89)
Ag Spray Inc Airport (94MN)
Aggies Landing Airport (MN04)
Agri Helicopter Inc Heliport (3MN4)
Air-Ag Airport (96MN)
Airlake Airport (LVN, KLVN)
Aitkin Municipal Steve Kurtz Field (AIT, KAIT)
Al's Due North Airport (MY90)
Albert Lea Municipal Airport (AEL, KAEL)
Amundson Seaplane Base (21MN)
Anderson Airport (MY49)
Anderson Field (52MN)
Andings Landing Seaplane Base (MY23)
Angen Field (MN44)
Anoka County Blaine Airport (ANE, KANE)
Anthony Private Airport (39MN)
Appleton Municipal Airport (AQP, KAQP)
Arthur Field (MN50)
Austin Municipal Airport (AUM, KAUM)
Aysta Field (3MN8)
B & D Flyers Int'l Airport (MN74)
B I R Airport (MY55)
Bachand Airport (MN84)
Backus Municipal Airport (7Y3)
Bagley Municipal Airport (7Y4, K7Y4)
Bardwell Airstrip (72MN)
Barnes Airport (5MN5)
Barnes Seaplane Base (01MN)
Barnesville Municipal Airport (9MN3)
Barrett Airport (MN18)
Battle Lake Municipal Airport (00MN)
Baudette Flying Service Seaplane Base (16MN)
Baudette International Airport (BDE, KBDE)
Becker Personal Airport (MY43)
Bemidji Regional Airport (BJI, KBJI)
Benson Airport (6MN9)
Benson Municipal Airport (BBB, KBBB)
Bergemann Airport (24MN)
Beskar Airport (89MN)
Beyer Airport (1MN1)
Big Falls Municipal Airport (7Y9)
Bigfork Municipal Airport (FOZ, KFOZ)
Birch Lake Seaplane Base (M69)
Blue Earth Municipal Airport (SBU, KSBU)
Blue Sky Airport (3MN7)
Bolduc Seaplane Base (MN03)
Bowers Airport (MN51)
Bowstring Airport (9Y0)
Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport (BRD, KBRD)
Brandt Airport (MN19)
Braun's Airport (MY03)
Breezy Point Airport (8MN3)
Bridges Medical Center Hospital Heliport (7MN7)
Brinkman Airport (0MN1)
Brooten Municipal Airport (6D1, K6D1)
Brown's Private Airport (6MN2)
Brutlag Farms Airport (92MN)
Budde Airport (5MN1)
Buffalo Lake Seaplane Base (MN29)
Buffalo Municipal Airport (CFE, KCFE)
Burk Airport (4MN7)
Busch's Fish Lake Seaplane Base (MN30)
Caldbeck Field (7MN3)
Cambridge Municipal Airport (CBG, KCBG)
Camerons Airport (MN47)
Carey Lake Seaplane Base (9MN0)
Carlson Agricultural Airport (1MY1)
Cary Airport (MY88)
Chandler Field (MN93)
Chandler Field (AXN, KAXN)
Chandler Personal Use Airport (38MN)
Chanlin Field (5MN9)
Charlton Building Heliport (MN56)
Children's Hospital-St Paul Heliport (MY79)
Chippewa County Hospital Heliport (2MN3)
Chisholm Hibbing Airport (HIB, KHIB)
Christenson Point Seaplane Base (08MN)
Christianson Field (26MN)
Christison Airport (85MN)
Chuck West Memorial Heliport (6MN1)
Clarissa Municipal Airport (8Y5)
Cloquet Carlton County Airport (COQ, KCOQ)
Cloverleaf-East Bemidji Airport (MY54)
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport (MN39)
Compressor Station 2207 Heliport (MY30)
Conley Field (55MN)
Cook Hospital Heliport (1MN6)
Cook Municipal Airport (CQM, KCQM)
Cooks Landing Airport (MN87)
Coot Landing Airport (4MN2)
Country Haven Airport (MY94)
Crookston Municipal Kirkwood Field (CKN, KCKN)
Crystal Airport (MIC, KMIC)
Crystal Lake Seaplane Base (MN09)
Cuyuna Regional Medical Center Heliport (1MN7)
Dairyview Airport (07MN)
Deters Farms Airport (MY10)
Detroit Lakes Wething Airport (DTL, KDTL)
Dilse Private Airport (04W)
District One Hospital Heliport (MN59)
Dodge Center Airport (TOB, KTOB)
Don's Landing Field (32MN)
Douglas County Hospital Heliport (MY91)
Dreamcatcher Airport (2MN2)
Du Fresne Airport (MY82)
Duluth International Airport (DLH, KDLH)
Dupre's Airport (MN23)
Dykstra Acreage Airport (MY12)
Eagles Nest Aerodrome (MN08)
Eagles Nest Seaplane Base (7MN2)
East Gull Lake Airport (9Y2)
Eastman Seaplane Base (12MN)
Eastmans Medicine Lake Seaplane Base (22MN)
Elbow Lake Municipal-Pride of the Prairie Airport (Y63)
Elmer Airport (46MN)
Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital Heliport (0MN7)
Ely Municipal Airport (ELO, KELO)
Empire Farm Strip (MN15)
Empire Valley Airport (MN88)
Erickson Airport (87MN)
Eveleth Virginia Municipal Airport (EVM, KEVM)
Ewen Landing Field (81MN)
F. Dillenburg Airport (2MN9)
Fairmont Municipal Airport (FRM, KFRM)
Fairview Red Wing Hospital Heliport (MN82)
Fairview Red Wing Medical Center Heliport (97MN)
Fairview Riverside Medical Center Heliport (9MN4)
Fairview Southdale Hospital Heliport (MN27)
Falk Private Airport (MY24)
Falls International Airport (INL, KINL)
Faribault Municipal Airport (FBL, KFBL)
Fedor Airport (MY57)
Fergus Falls Municipal Einar Mickelson Field (FFM, KFFM)
Fertile Municipal Airport (D14, KD14)
Fillmore County Airport (FKA, KFKA)
Flying A Airport (2C4)
Flying Cloud Airport (FCM, KFCM)
Forest Lake Airport (25D, K25D)
Fosston Municipal Airport (FSE, KFSE)
Fox Field (88MN)
Freedom Base Heliport (44MN)
Frisch Personal Airport (74MN)
Frontenac Airport (MY50)
Fudpucker International Seaplane Base (MY36)
Fuhr Flying Svc Airport (60MN)
Fussy Airport (2MN7)
Gale's Seaplane Base (6MN5)
Galler's Airport (75MN)
Gasper Airport (MY59)
Gilgenbach's Airport (MY11)
Glencoe Municipal Airport (GYL, KGYL)
Glenwood Municipal Airport (GHW, KGHW)
Goose Lake Seaplane Base (6MN6)
Gospel Ranch Airport (MN52)
Grand Marais Cook County Airport (CKC, KCKC)
Grand Marais/Cook County Seaplane Base (0G5)
Grand Rapids Itasca Co Gordon Newstrom Airport (GPZ, KGPZ)
Granite Falls Municipal Lenzen Roe Memorial Field (GDB, KGDB)
Greenbush Municipal Airport (02MN)
Grindstone Lake Seaplane Base (0MN2)
Grohnke Field (MY92)
Grygla Municipal Mel Wilkens Field (3G2, K3G2)
Guggenberger Airport (MY47)
Gunflint Seaplane Base (MN54)
H Reder Field (MN64)
Hagen Airport (MY60)
Hagens Private Airport (78MN)
Hall Airport (69MY)
Hallock Municipal Airport (HCO, KHCO)
Hammars Farm Airport (MN01)
Harry-Walt Airport (70MN)
Hawley Municipal Airport (04Y, K04Y)
Hay Acres Airport (1MN2)
Hay Shakers Airport (MY46)
Hazelglade Resort Seaplane Base (MY22)
Health One Mercy Hospital Heliport (MN07)
Hector Municipal Airport (1D6)
Helblad Airport (04MN)
Hemmingsen Private Airport (76MN)
Henning Municipal Airport (05Y)
Herman Municipal Airport (06Y)
High Grove Airport (23MN)
Hill City-Quadna Mountain Airport (07Y)
Hines Farm Airport (18MN)
Hoiland Field (5MN2)
Home-Base Airport (MY58)
Honker Flats Airport (3MN3)
Hopkins Police Heliport (6MN3)
Hoppe Sky Ranch Airport (93MN)
Houston County Airport (CHU, KCHU)
Howard's Airport (66MN)
Hutchinson Municipal Butler Field (HCD, KHCD)
Immanuel-St Joseph's Hospital Heliport (3MN6)
Ingleside Airport (MN66)
International Falls Memorial Heliport (MN83)
International Falls Seaplane Base (09I)
Irons Point Seaplane Base (MY38)
Isedor Iverson Airport (HZX, KHZX)
Isle Private Airport (MY72)
Itzen Air Strip (MN60)
J J and T Airport (MN81)
Jackson Field (MN17)
Jackson Medical Center Heliport (1MN9)
Jackson Municipal Airport (MJQ, KMJQ)
Janssen Airport (9MN5)
Jennrich Field (MN45)
Jerger's Field (MN77)
Johnson Airport (7MN6)
Johnson Private Airport (7MN0)
Johnson Seaplane Base (MY86)
Johnsons Aero Repair Airport (MY68)
Johnston Airport (MY99)
Jolly Fisherman Seaplane Base (M49)
Jordan Seaplane Base (MN05)
Jorgensen's Landing Seaplane Base (MY34)
Joyner Airport (MN76)
Kaiser's Airstrip (MY29)
Kaml Airstrip (45MN)
Kanabec Hospital Heliport (MN43)
Kapaun-Wilson Field (4MN5)
Karlstad Municipal Airport (23D)
Kastanek Airport (MY15)
Keller Airport (0MN8)
Kenyon Heliport (0MY0)
Kivi/Mokki Seaplane Base (17MN)
Klamar Field (77MN)
Knapp Personal Use Airport (MY25)
Koch's Personal Field (MY04)
Kollar's Shoreview Marine Seaplane Base (MY21)
Kral's Personal Use Landing Field (42MN)
Krezowski Seaplane Base (MN75)
Krueger Loon Lake Seaplane Base (1MN4)
L & M Aerodrome (MN31)
Lac Qui Parle County Airport (DXX, KDXX)
Lake Bronson Airport (27MN)
Lake Elmo Airport (21D, K21D)
Lake Fremont Seaplane Base (MY48)
Lake Minnewashta Seaplane Base (MN02)
Lake Pulaski Seaplane Base (MY73)
Lake Zumbro Seaplane Base (8MN0)
Le Sueur Municipal Airport (12Y, K12Y)
Leaders Clear Lake Airport (8Y6, K8Y6)
Lennartson Airport (MN92)
Lexington Heliport (4MN3)
Lindey's Landing Airport (5MN7)
Lino Air Park (MY18)
Litchfield Municipal Airport (LJF, KLJF)
Little Falls Morrison County Airport (LXL, KLXL)
Little Rock/Rock Port Airport (3MN5)
Littlefork Municipal/Hanover Airport (13Y)
Longville Municipal Airport (XVG, KXVG)
Lookout Lake Seaplane Base (10MN)
Loon Lane Seaplane Base (70MY)
Lorenz Airport (MN11)
Lothert's Farm Strip (56MN)
Lower Hay Lake Seaplane Base (0MN3)
Lucht Field (MN46)
Luverne Community Hospital Heliport (MN90)
Lux Strip (MN28)
Mahnomen County & Village Hospital Heliport (MN25)
Mahnomen County Airport (3N8)
Mal's Serpent Lake Seaplane Base (M14)
Mandarin Yen So Heliport (7MN9)
Mankato Farmstrip Airport (6MN7)
Mankato Regional Airport (MKT, KMKT)
Maple Airport (MN69)
Maple Lake Municipal Airport (MGG, KMGG)
Mathew Private Field (68MN)
Mathis Airport (MY42)
Matson Field (0MN6)
Mattison's Seaplane Base (71MN)
Mavencamp Airport (8MN9)
Meadowvale Airport (MN40)
Meeker County Memorial Hospital Heliport (MN65)
Melby Airport (13MN)
Mercy Hospital & Healthcare Center Heliport (3MN2)
Merill L Harris Field (9MN6)
Mesabi Regional Medical Center Heliport (5MN3)
Milaca Municipal Airport (18Y)
Mille Lacs Heliport (MN94)
Mille Lacs Lake Resort Airport (7MN4)
Minn D O T Heliport (86MN)
Minneapolis St Paul International Airport (MSP, KMSP)
Minnesota Valley Health Center Heliport (MY26)
Moberg Air Base (96M)
Moberg Air Base (MN13)
Molnau Airpark (1MN5)
Montevideo Chippewa County Airport (MVE, KMVE)
Moorhead Municipal Airport (JKJ, KJKJ)
Moose Lake Carlton County Airport (MZH, KMZH)
Mora Municipal Airport (JMR, KJMR)
Morey's Airport (22Y)
Morris Municipal Airport (MOX, KMOX)
Mosquito Heliport (MN36)
Mueller Airport (MY71)
Mulder Field Inc Airport (4MN4)
Murdock Municipal Airport (23Y)
Myers Field (CNB, KCNB)
Myers Field (4MN8)
Nagel and Schultz Airport (37MN)
Namakan Seaplane Base (57MN)
Nary National Shefland Field (5C3, K5C3)
Nauerth Land Ranch Airport (03MN)
New Ulm Municipal Airport (ULM, KULM)
New York Mills Municipal Airport (25Y)
Nielsen's Airport (MY97)
Nielsville Airport (84MN)
Nietz Airstrip (MN32)
Nikolaus Airport (3MN9)
Nord Field (MY07)
Norman Co Ada Twin Valley Airport (D00, KD00)
Norris Landing Strip (59MN)
North Center Lake Seaplane Base (6MN4)
North Country Seaplane Base (9M0)
North Memorial Heliport (MY77)
North Star Ranch Airport (MY66)
Northbound Seaplane Base (5MN6)
Northern Itasca Health Care Center Heliport (1MN3)
Northome Municipal Airport (43Y)
Northwest Angle Airport (58MN)
Oak Lake Air Strip (MN42)
Olivia Regional Airport (OVL, KOVL)
Orr Regional Airport (ORB, KORB)
Ortonville Municipal Martinson Field (VVV, KVVV)
Owatonna Degner Regional Airport (OWA, KOWA)
Pagel's Field (67MN)
Pake Airport (MY98)
Pangerl Airport (MN68)
Pankratz Airport (0MN5)
Park Rapids Municipal Konshok Field (PKD, KPKD)
Paul Field (79MN)
Paul's Seaplane Base (0MN4)
Pavek Personal Airport (MY89)
Paynes Airport (73MN)
Paynesville Municipal Airport (PEX, KPEX)
Peil's Vermillion Wings Seaplane Base (MN72)
Peil/Juliar Seaplane Base (34MN)
Pelican Lake Seaplane Base (2MN5)
Pelican Rapids Municipal-Lyon's Field (47Y)
Perham Municipal Airport (16D, K16D)
Peterson Seaplane Base (31MN)
Pike Airport (06MN)
Pine River Regional Airport (PWC, KPWC)
Pinetree Airpark (MY28)
Piney Pinecreek Border Airport (48Y)
Pipestone Municipal Airport (PQN, KPQN)
Ponderosa Seaplane Base (83MN)
Porter Airport (8MN8)
Pribbs Field (2MN0)
Princeton Municipal Airport (PNM, KPNM)
Prudential Helistop (MY20)
Pulkrabek Private Landing Field (MN06)
Quast Airport (MN62)
Quentin Aanenson Field (LYV, KLYV)
Quist Seaplane Base (MY96)
Radloff's Cedar View Farms Airport (53MN)
Ramerth Airport (MY06)
Ray S Miller Army Air Field (RYM, KRYM)
Red Lake Falls Municipal Airport (D81)
Red Wing Regional Airport (RGK, KRGK)
Redwood Falls Municipal Airport (RWF, KRWF)
Regions Hospital Heliport (7MN1)
Remer Municipal Airport (52Y)
Reynolds Field (MN91)
Rice Memorial Hospital Heliport (MY44)
Richard B Helgeson Airport (TWM, KTWM)
Rick Mathias Private Airport (5MN8)
Ricks Field (65MN)
Rileys Landing Seaplane Base (MN21)
Riverwood Healthcare Center Heliport (14MN)
Roan Airport (MY01)
Robco Airport (MN12)
Robertson Field (MY56)
Rochester International Airport (RST, KRST)
Rohwer Airport (MN96)
Rooney Airport (6MN0)
Rosacker's Nr 1 Seaplane Base (MY33)
Rosacker's Nr 2 Seaplane Base (MY32)
Roseau Municipal Rudy Billberg Field (ROX, KROX)
Rosenberg Airport (MY80)
Runke's Field (MN20)
Rush City Regional Airport (ROS, KROS)
Rushford Municipal Airport (55Y, K55Y)
Safe Air Seaplane Base (MY83)
Sandy Flats Airport (MN55)
Sauk Centre Municipal Airport (D39, KD39)
Schjeldrup Airport (MY64)
Schmidt Private Airport (90MN)
Schroeder Airport (MN79)
Schwenk Airport (MY19)
Scotts Seaplane Base (CDD)
Scrabeck Airport (5MN0)
Sell's Flying Field (54MN)
Serenity Airport (MN99)
Sethney Personal STOLport (8MN4)
Seven Hills Airport (5MN4)
Shadduck Seaplane Base (3MN0)
Shannon Field (41MN)
Shelton's Private Airport (MN37)
Shirt Lake Seaplane Base (25MN)
Sieg's Farm Airport (MY00)
Silver Bay Municipal Airport (BFW, KBFW)
Sioux Valley Hospital Canby Campus Heliport (91MN)
Sioux Valley Hospital Heliport (MY84)
Sixberry's Landing Seaplane Base (11MN)
Skalicky Airstrip (4MN0)
Sky Harbor Airport (DYT, KDYT)
Sky Harbor Residential Airpark (1MN8)
Sky Harbor Seaplane Base (9Y5)
Sky Manor Aero Estates Airport (MN86)
Sky Meadow Airport (MN58)
Sky Park Airport (MN67)
Slayton Municipal Airport (DVP, KDVP)
Sleepy Eye Municipal Airport (Y58)
Snell's Seaplane Base (MN73)
Sons Private-Commercial Airport (47MN)
South St Paul Municipal Richard E Fleming Airport (SGS, KSGS)
Southwest Minnesota Regional Marshall Airport (MML, KMML)
Springfield Medical Center-Mayo Health System Heliport (MN70)
Springfield Municipal Airport (D42, KD42)
Spud Field (MN38)
St Cloud Hospital Heliport (MY87)
St Cloud Regional Airport (STC, KSTC)
St Elizabeth Hospital Heliport (8MN7)
St James Municipal Airport (JYG, KJYG)
St Luke Hospital Heliport (MN48)
St Mary's Hospital Heliport (MN33)
St Mary's Hospital Heliport (99MN)
St Olaf Hospital Heliport (MN34)
St Paul Downtown Holman Field (STP, KSTP)
Stahlberg-Mohr Airport (3MN1)
Stanley Field (MN53)
Stanton Airfield (SYN, KSYN)
Staples Municipal Airport (SAZ, KSAZ)
Starbuck Municipal Airport (D32)
Stephen Municipal Airport (D41)
Stewart Farms Airport (8MN1)
Stocker Private Airport (MN63)
Sunrise Airport (MY78)
Surfside Airport (MN24)
Surfside Seaplane Base (8Y4)
Svard Heliport (64MN)
Swan Field (MY13)
Swanson Field (MY95)
Swanson Private Airport (MY17)
Swiderski Field (MN85)
Swift Private Airport (33MN)
Taylors Falls Airport (62MN)
The Pass Seaplane Base (MN80)
Thens Private Airstrip (MN97)
Thief River Falls Regional Airport (TVF, KTVF)
Todd Field (14Y, K14Y)
Tofte Airport (9MN9)
Tower Municipal Airport (12D, K12D)
Tracy Municipal Airport (TKC, KTKC)
Traverse Air Airport (61MN)
Tri-County Heliport (MN26)
Triple H Heliport (0MN9)
Troll Farm Airport (9MN1)
Trygstad Airport (2MN8)
Tuma Private Airport (MN49)
Turkey Track Airport (MY52)
Turner Field (40MN)
Turtle Lake Seaplane Base (MN78)
Tyler Farms Airport (15MN)
Tyler Municipal Airport (63Y)
Ultraflyte, Inc Ultralightport (MY62)
Underland Airstrip (6MN8)
United Hospital District Heliport (MN14)
University of Mn Hospitals & Clinics Heliport (MY65)
Up Yonder Airport (98MN)
Van Norman's Airport (2MN6)
Vasa Park Seaplane Base (28MN)
Velo Airstrip (MN95)
Vieira Airport (8MN5)
W Johnson Field (09MN)
Wabana Seaplane Base (9MN2)
Wadena Municipal Airport (ADC, KADC)
Wagner Farm Airport (36MN)
Walker Field (MY35)
Walker Municipal Airport (Y49)
Ward Airport (MN61)
Warren Municipal Airport (D37, KD37)
Warroad International Swede Carlson Field (RRT, KRRT)
Waseca Municipal Airport (ACQ, KACQ)
Waskish Municipal Airport (VWU, KVWU)
Watonwan Memorial Hospital Heliport (9MN7)
Webb Lake Airport (MN00)
Weideman International Airport (63MN)
Wells Municipal Airport (68Y)
Wetenkamp Airport (29MN)
Wetherbee Farm Airport (1MN0)
Whaletail Lake Seaplane Base (95MN)
Wheaton Municipal Airport (ETH, KETH)
Whiskey Lake Seaplane Base (9MN8)
White Bear Lake Seaplane Base (7MN5)
Wild Rice Lake Seaplane Base (MN35)
Willis Airport (7MN8)
Willmar Municipal Airport (BDH)
Willmar Municipal John L Rice Field (ILL, KILL)
Willow Ridge Airport (49MN)
Windom Municipal Airport (MWM, KMWM)
Winner's Landing Seaplane Base (0MN0)
Winona Municipal Max Conrad Field (ONA, KONA)
Winsted Municipal Airport (10D)
Winter Strip (2MN1)
Wipline Airport (35MN)
Wipline Seaplane Base (09Y)
Worthington Municipal Airport (OTG, KOTG)
Yaggie Private Airport (69MN)
Ziermann Airport (MN71)
Zimmerman Airport (50MN)

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