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Hooper Stagefield Army Heliport (16AL)

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1987 CGS Hawk Classic1987 CGS Hawk Classic
Maxwell Air Force Base (MXF, KMXF) Alabama
Located: 78 miles NW (329°)
 1,200 USD
Prattville Grouby Field (1A9, K1A9) Alabama
Located: 86 miles NW (326°)
 11,995 USD
1999 Avid Bandit1999 Avid Bandit
Peter Prince Field (2R4, K2R4) Florida
Located: 94 miles SW (235°)
 23,000 USD
1969 Cessna 172K1969 Cessna 172K
Gragg Wade Field (02A, K02A) Alabama
Located: 113 miles NW (332°)
 40,000 USD
1995 Javelin1995 Javelin
Beaverbrook Aerodrome (10GA) Georgia
Located: 155 miles NE (32°)
 5,000 USD
1972 Zlin 526AFSV1972 Zlin 526AFSV
West Georgia Regional O V Gray Field (CTJ, KCTJ) Georgia
Located: 157 miles N (12°)
2009 DASSAULT Falcon 2000 EX EASY2009 DASSAULT Falcon 2000 EX EASY
Ancient Oaks Airport (39FD) Florida
Located: 181 miles SE (130°)
 1,000,000 EUR
1995 Don Wolf  WWll Boredom Fighter1995 Don Wolf WWll Boredom Fighter
Little River Airport (FL10) Florida
Located: 188 miles SE (118°)
 12,000 USD
1998 Stemme S-10 VT1998 Stemme S-10 VT
Cartersville Airport (VPC, KVPC) Georgia
Located: 194 miles N (15°)
 179,000 USD
 1990 weedhopper 2-C
Columbus Lowndes County Airport (UBS, KUBS) Mississippi
Located: 212 miles NW (312°)
 5,000 USD

The 10 Closest Airports to Hooper Stagefield Army Heliport



Ech Stagefield Army Heliport (11AL) Alabama 4 miles W (255°)
Blackwell Field (71J, K71J) Alabama 4 miles E (69°)
Dale Medical Center Heliport (AL87) Alabama 5 miles NE (49°)
Hanchey (Fort Rucker) Army Heliport (HEY) Alabama 5 miles SE (154°)
Lowe (Fort Rucker) Army Heliport (LOR) Alabama 5 miles SW (225°)
Hatch Stagefield Army Heliport (13AL) Alabama 5 miles SE (130°)
Hunt Stagefield Army Heliport (17AL) Alabama 7 miles E (107°)
Knox Army Heliport (FHK) Alabama 7 miles S (168°)
Molinelli Stagefield Army Heliport (19AL) Alabama 8 miles NW (312°)
Shell Army Heliport (SXS) Alabama 10 miles W (252°)

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