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1971 Beechcraft King Air 1001971 Beechcraft King Air 100
Deadmans Cay Airport (LGI, MYLD) Bahamas

Bahamas Airports

Abaco I Walker C Airport (WKR, MYAW)
Andros Town Airport (ASD, MYAF)
Arthurs Town Airport (ATC, MYCA)
Auxiliary Airfield (GBI, MYGM)
Big Whale Cay Airport (MYX4)
Bimini North Seaplane Base (NSB)
Cape Eleuthera Airport (MYZ2)
Cat Cay Airport (CXY, MYCC)
Cay Sal Airport (MYCS)
Chub Cay Airport (CCZ, MYBC)
Cistern Field (MYX5)
Clarence A. Bain Airport (MAY, MYAB)
Colonel Hill Airport (CRI, MYCI)
Congo Town Airport (COX, MYAK)
Cutlass Bay Airport (MYCX)
Darby Island Airport (MYX8)
Deadmans Cay Airport (LGI, MYLD)
Deep Water Cay Airport (MYGD)
Duncan Town Airport (DCT, MYRD)
Exuma International Airport (GGT, MYEF)
George Town Airport (GGT, MYEG)
Governors Harbour Airport (GHB, MYEM)
Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO, MYGF)
Great Harbour Cay Airport (GHC, MYBG)
Hawks News Airport (MYCH)
Hog Cay Airport (MYEY)
Hog Cay Airport (MYXC)
Inagua Airport (IGA, MYIG)
Leaf Cay Airport (MYXD)
Lee Stocking Airport (MYEL)
Little Whale Cay Berry Islands Airport (MYZ3)
Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS, MYNN)
Marsh Harbour Airport (MHH, MYAM)
Mayaguana Airport (MYG, MYMM)
Mores Island Airport (MYA0)
Nassau Paradise Island Airport (PID, MYPI)
New Bight Airport (CAT, MYCB)
Normans Cay Airport (NMC, MYEN)
North Eleuthera Airport (ELH, MYEH)
Oakes Field-Nassau (MYX6)
Pitts Town Airport (PWN, MYCP)
Rock Sound Airport (RSD, MYER)
Rudder Cut Cay Airport (MYX7)
Rum Cay Airport (RCY, MYRP)
Sampson Cay Airport (MYXH)
San Andros Airport (SAQ, MYAN)
San Salvador Airport (ZSA, MYSM)
Sandy Point Airport (MYAS)
South Bimini Airport (BIM, MYBS)
Spanish Cay Airport (MYAX)
Spring Point Airport (AXP, MYAP)
Staniel Cay Airport (TYM, MYES)
Stella Maris Airport (SML, MYLS)
Treasure Cay Airport (TCB, MYAT)
West End Airport (WTD, MYGW)

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