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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I sign/log in?

You either haven't registered your email address yet, or you don't have a password for the account. Please note that when you register, we don't ask for a password. You need to click on the link in your activation email to verify the account, and you are then signed in and redirected to the Edit Profile page where you can set up a password to use for logging into future sessions instead of clicking the activation link every time. Once you have a password, though, the activiation link will no longer sign you into your account.

How do I reset my password?

If you are already signed in (your name will be at the top right corner of every page), you can go to the Edit Profile page and put in a new password there. If you forgot your password and are not signed in, then go to the Forgot Password page, enter your email and your password will then be reset. (ie. you will not have one.) You will need to click on the confirmation link we send you in order to sign in, and re-establish a password. The same as when you registered.

Why don't you just email me my old password?

Because we have no idea what it is. Your password is encrypted on our secure servers to keep your information private.

Where can I find my email messages?

In your Hangar. Click on the "Email Messages" link. You also need to be signed in to view them.

Why don't you just send me my messages directly?

To keep your email address private, and also the senders. If you would like to communicate directly with a buyer, just include your email address in the message. We take no offense in being out of the loop, we're just trying to make it difficult for spammers. If someone does send you a spam message, please let us know and we will give them the boot. Spammers are not welcome here, but unfortunately they do show up every once in a while.

How do I contact a seller?

Click on the aircraft's link to view the main details page, then click on "Contact Seller" right above the pictures. The aircraft title and link are automatically included in the message so that there is no confusion on what is being discussed.

How can I reply to sender?

When you are viewing the message in your Hangar (See: Where can I find my email messages?), click on the "send reply" link opposite the email's title. All of the dialog between buyer and seller is contained within each message to reduce confusion and maintain a nice flow, much like gmail.

Why is it free to list an aircraft for sale?

Because that's the way I think the internet should be - free. I started this site because I wanted an aviation related site that was free for everyone to list what they have for sale, and because I am a programmer and knew I could do a better job of organizing things so that buyers could find what they are looking for, and in relation to where they are. When I bought a Fly Baby from Barnstormers once, the main selling point was that it was located at an airport nearby. Would that I could have know what else was for sale around me! So this site is my attempt to create the perfect aviation marketplace. I hope you like it.

So how do you make your money?

In the beginning, I didn't. I was just excited when people would put up their aircraft for sale. I felt like it was "mine". Now that we're getting lots of traffic, a little advertising goes a long way and I make enough now to pay for the site and provide for my family. That's all I care about. I have no intention of overcharging for my "services". All I want is to be the #1 site where people buy and sell aviation. Thanks for spreading the word!

How can I edit my aircraft?

In your Hangar, click on the "Aicraft I'm Selling" link. Next to the aircraft listing's title, click on the "Edit Details" link. It's pretty much the same form you filled out when you first listed it.

How can I get more exposure for my aircraft?

Deleting and re-listing it won't make a bit of difference, but if you want to bid even a little bit of money your aircraft's listing will be shown first in every category. Go to your Hangar and click on "Upgrade Listing". Make your bid, and we'll make it happen. Every bid lasts for 30 days.

How can I add more photos?

Every listing gets a free photo, but if you upgrade your listing (See: How can I get more exposure for my aircraft?), then you can upload unlimited photos. Click on your aircraft's link to view the main details page, and right under the photo will be a form to upload as many as you please.

I've sold my aircraft, now what?

Go to your Hangar, and click on the "Aircraft I'm Selling" link. Next to the aircraft listing's title, click on the "Delete Aircraft" link. Check "Delete: Yes", and don't forget to leave us your feedback. Thanks for selling your aircraft with us!

Who are you?

My name is Kyle, and I'm a Pilot / Mechanic / Programmer living in Alaska. I have my Multi-Engine Commercial Pilots Certificate, I work part-time at Anchorage International on Boeing 747's mainly, and I program for myself and others when I'm not enjoying the outdoors with my Wife and 4 kids. I've built a Rand Robinson KR-2, a Volksplane VP-1, and owned a Bowers Fly Baby until I crashed it at the Grand Canyon. I miss my "Baby", but I've got 4 others now that I enjoy. You can contact me here.

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