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1967 CESSNA 150/150 (TAIL DRAGGER)1967 CESSNA 150/150 (TAIL DRAGGER)
Whitehorse International Airport (YXY, CYXY) Yukon
 33,500 USD

Yukon Airports

Aishihik Airport ()
Bear River Airport ()
Beaver Creek Airport (YXQ, CYXQ)
Blow River Airport ()
Braeburn Airport (CEK2)
Burwash Airport (YDB, CYDB)
Carcross Airport (CFA4)
Carcross Seaplane Base (CEB7)
Carmacks Airport (CEX4)
Casino Airport ()
Chapman Lake Airport (CEZ2)
Clinton Creek Airport ()
Cousins Airport (CFP8)
Dawson City Airport (YDA, CYDA)
Dawson City Seaplane Base (CEG7)
Faro Airport (ZFA, CZFA)
Faro/Johnson Lake Seaplane Base (CFC9)
Finlayson Lake Airport (CFT3)
Haines Junction Airport (YHT, CYHT)
Haines Junction/Pine Lake Seaplane Base (CFE8)
Hart River Airport ()
Hyland Airport (CFT5)
Ketza River Airport ()
Komakuk Beach Airport ()
La Biche River Airport (CFP6)
Liard Construction Airport ()
Little Salmon Airport ()
Livingstone Airport ()
Macmillan Pass Airport (XMP, CFC4)
Magundy Airport ()
Mallard Airport ()
Mayo Airport (YMA, CYMA)
Mcquesten Airport (CFP4)
Mile 102 Dempster Highway Airport ()
Mile 203 Dempster Highway Airport ()
Minto Airport ()
Mount Nansen Airport ()
Ogilvie Airport ()
Ogilvie River Airport (CFS4)
Old Crow Airport (YOC, CYOC)
Pelly Crossing Airport (CFQ6)
Pine Lake Airport (CFY5)
Porcupine Airport ()
Ross River Airport (YDM, CYDM)
Shingle Point Airport ()
Silver City Airport (CFQ5)
Snag Airport ()
Squanga Lake Airport ()
Stokes Point Airport ()
Teslin Airport (YZW, CYZW)
Tincup Lake Seaplane Base (CEF9)
Tintina (Conwest) Airport ()
Twin Creeks Airport (CFS7)
Watson Lake Airport (YQH, CYQH)
Watson Lake Seaplane Base (CEJ9)
Whitehorse International Airport (YXY, CYXY)
Whitehorse Seaplane Base (CEZ5)
Wiley Airport (CAJ2)

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