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New Brunswick

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New Brunswick Airports

Bathurst Airport (ZBF, CZBF)
Belledune Airport ()
Blissville Airport ()
Boston Brook Airport (CCJ3)
Bristol Airport (CDA6)
Brockway Airport (CCX3)
Buctouche Airport (CDT5)
Budworm City Airport ()
Campbellton (Regional Hospital) Heliport (CCRH)
Charlo Airport (YCL, CYCL)
Chipman Airport (CCS4)
Clearwater Airport (CDJ4)
Doaktown Airport (CDU6)
Douglastown Airport ()
Downs Gulch Airport (CDV2)
Dunphy Airport ()
Edmundston (Regional Hospital) Heliport (CCY5)
Edmundston Airport (CYES)
Edmunston (Fraser Papers Inc) Heliport ()
Florenceville Airport (CCR3)
Fredericton (Forestry Centre) Heliport ()
Fredericton (Rcmp) Heliport (CRC2)
Fredericton Airport (YFC, CYFC)
Gagetown Heliport (YCX, CYCX)
Grand Falls Airport (CCK3)
Grand Manan Airport (CCN2)
Greater Moncton International Airport (YQM, CYQM)
Havelock Airport (CCS5)
Hornes Gulch Airport ()
Juniper Airport (CCE3)
Macfarland Airport ()
McEwen Airport (CCG4)
Miramichi Airport (YCH, CYCH)
Pennfield Ridge Airport ()
Pokemouche Airport (CDA4)
RCAF Pennfield Ridge ()
Renous Airport ()
Saint John (Saint John Regional Hospital) Heliport (CSN6)
Saint John Airport (YSJ, CYSJ)
Salisbury Heliport (CDB5)
Scottsfield Airpark (CCF9)
Sevogle Airport (CCM3)
Shediac Bridge Airport (CSB5)
St Leonard Airport (YSL, CYSL)
St-Quentin Airport (CDC4)
St. Leonard (Cyr) Airport ()
St. Stephen Airport (CCS3)
Sussex Airport (CCY3)
Tabu Airport ()
Trout Brook Airport ()
Upper Kent Airport ()
Washademoak Airport ()
Weyman Airpark (CCG3)
Woodstock Airport (CCD3)

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