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1947 PIPER PA141947 PIPER PA14
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG, CYWG) Manitoba
 80,000 CAD
1994 Glasair Super IIS RG1994 Glasair Super IIS RG
Ste. Rose Du Lac Airport (CKR3) Manitoba
 115,000 CAD

Manitoba Airports

Altona Municipal Airport (CJL6)
Anama Bay-Dauphin River Airport ()
Arborg Airport (CJU6)
Arnes Airport (YNR, CJQ5)
Ashern Airport (CJE7)
Austin Airport ()
Bakers Narrows Seaplane Base (CFF8)
Beausejour Airport ()
Berens River Airport (YBV, CYBV)
Bethany Airport ()
Big Sand Lake Airport (CJQ9)
Bird Airport ()
Bird River (Lac Du Bonnet) Airport (CJP7)
Bird River Seaplane Base (CJX6)
Bissett Seaplane Base (CJY6)
Bloodvein River Airport (YDV, CZTA)
Brandon Municipal Airport (YBR, CYBR)
Brochet Airport (YBT, CYBT)
Carberry Airport ()
Carman (South) Airport (CJS7)
Churchill Airport (YYQ, CYYQ)
Churchill Seaplane Base (CJJ7)
Cormorant Lake Airport ()
Crater Airport ()
Cross Lake (Charlie Sinclair Memorial) Airport (YCR, CYCR)
Dauphin Barker Airport (YDN, CYDN)
Deloraine Airport (CJJ4)
Easterville Airport (CKM6)
Elk Island Airport (CKZ3)
Erickson Municipal Airport (CKQ6)
Fisher Branch Airport (CKX4)
Flin Flon Airport (YFO, CYFO)
Flin Flon/Channing Seaplane Base (CJK8)
Friendship Field (CJB2)
Gilbert Plains Airport (CJH2)
Gillam Airport (YGX, CYGX)
Gillam Seaplane Base (CJP8)
Gimli Industrial Park Airport (YGM, CYGM)
Gladstone (Costella Field) Airport ()
Gladstone Airport (CJR5)
Glenboro Airport (CJJ2)
Gods Lake Airport (CJB6)
Gods Lake Narrows Airport (YGO, CYGO)
Gods Lake Narrows Seaplane Base (CJS8)
Gods River Airport (ZGI, CZGI)
Grace Lake Airport (CJR3)
Grand Rapids Airport (CJV8)
Gunisao Lake Airport (CJK2)
Gunisao Lake Seaplane Base (CJW8)
Hartney Airport ()
Hartney Airport (CKT5)
Haskett Airport ()
Homewood Airport (CJT8)
Ilford Airport (ZBF, CZBD)
Island Lake Airport (YIV, CYIV)
Jenpeg Airport (ZJG, CZJG)
Kaskattama Airport ()
Kelsey Airport (ZEE, CZEE)
Killarney Municipal Airport (CJS5)
Knee Lake Airport (YKE, CJT3)
Knee Lake Seaplane Base (CKW8)
Lac Brochet Airport (ZWH, CZWH)
Lac Du Bonnet (North) Seaplane Base (CJS9)
Lac Du Bonnet Airport (YAX, CYAX)
Laurie River Airport (CJC8)
Leaf Rapids Airport (YLR, CYLR)
Leaf Rapids Seaplane Base (CKA3)
Little Churchill River Airport (CJN7)
Little Grand Rapids Airport (ZGR, CZGR)
Louise Municipal Airport (CKZ6)
Lundar Airport (CKR4)
Lyncrest Airport (CJL5)
Lynn Lake (Eldon Lake) Seaplane Base (CKD3)
Lynn Lake Airport (YYL, CYYL)
Macdonald Airport (CJU3)
Macgregor Airport (CKF6)
Manitou Airport (CKG5)
Matheson Island Airport (CJT2)
Mccreary Airport (CJR8)
Mcgavock Lake Seaplane Base (CKJ3)
Melita Airport (CJT5)
Minnedosa Airport (CJU5)
Molson Lake Airport (CKJ8)
Moose Lake Airport ()
Morden Airport (CJA3)
Nanook Airport ()
Neepawa Airport (CJV5)
Nejanilini Lake Airport (YNN, CYNN)
North Seal River Airport (CEG8)
Norway House Airport (YNE, CYNE)
Norway House Seaplane Base (CKY3)
Nueltin Lake Airport (CNL9)
Oak Hammock Air Park (CAV9)
Oxford House Airport (YOH, CYOH)
Paulson Airport ()
Petrel Airport ()
Pikwitonei Airport (PIW, CZMN)
Pine Dock Airport (CKQ9)
Pine Dock Seaplane Base (CKT8)
Pineimuta Muni Airport ()
Poplar River Airport (ZNG, CZNG)
Portage La Prairie (North) Airport (CJZ2)
Pukatawagan Airport (ZFG, CZFG)
Pukatawagan Seaplane Base (CKP4)
R.M. of Pipestone Airport (CRP2)
RCAF Station Carberry ()
Red Sucker Lake Airport (YRS, CYRS)
Red Sucker Lake Seaplane Base (CKT4)
Riding Mountain Airport (CRM2)
Rivers Airport ()
Riverton Airport (CKG2)
Roblin Airport (CKB7)
Roland (Graham Field) Airport (CKD7)
Rosenort Airport (CKJ2)
Russell Airport (CJW5)
Selkirk Airport (CKL2)
Selkirk Seaplane Base (CKC5)
Shamattawa Airport (ZTM, CZTM)
Shilo (Flewin Field) Heliport (CKN9)
Shilo Heliport (CKM3)
Shoal Lake Airport (CKL5)
Shoal Lake Seaplane Base (CKB9)
Silver Falls Airport (CKB8)
Silver Falls Seaplane Base (CKJ5)
Snow Lake Airport (CJE4)
Snow Lake Seaplane Base (CKM5)
Somerset Airport (CKC8)
Souris Glenwood Industrial Air Park (CJX5)
South Indian Lake Airport (ZSN, CZSN)
Southport Airport (YPG, CYPG)
St. François Xavier Airport (CKA8)
St. Theresa Point Airport (YST, CYST)
Starbuck Airport (CKJ7)
Ste. Rose Du Lac Airport (CKR3)
Steinbach (South) Airport (CKK7)
Steinbach Airport (CJB3)
Strathclair Airport (CJY5)
Swan River Airport (ZJN, CZJN)
Tadoule Lake Airport (XTL, CYBQ)
The Pas Airport (YQD, CYQD)
The Pas/Grace Lake Seaplane Base (CKC3)
Thicket Portage Airport (YTD, CZLQ)
Thompson (Canadian Helicopters) Heliport (CKT2)
Thompson Airport (YTH, CYTH)
Thompson Heliport (CKM7)
Thompson Seaplane Base (CKD6)
Treherne (South Norfolk Airpark) Airport (CTN6)
Treherne Airport (CKU2)
Virden (Gabrielle Farm) Airport (CKR7)
Virden (West) Airport (CJZ5)
Virden/R.J. (Bob) Andrew Field Regional Aerodrome (YVD, CYVD)
Wabowden Seaplane Base (CKK6)
Wallace Lake Airport ()
Winkler Airport (CKZ7)
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG, CYWG)
Winnipeg St Andrews Airport (YAV, CYAV)
Woodlands Airport (CKX2)
Wrong Lake Airport ()
York Landing Airport (ZAC, CZAC)
Zhoda Airport (CKA4)

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