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Kazakhstan Airports

Abay Bazar Airport ()
Aima Ata North Airport ()
Aima Ata Northwest Airport ()
Aitbuzum East Airport ()
Aksu Airport ()
Aktau Airport (SCO, UATE)
Aktyubinsk Airport (AKX, UATT)
Almaty Airport (ALA, UAAA)
Aral'sk Airport (UATA)
Arkalyk Airport ()
Arkalyk North Airport (AYK, UAUR)
Arkaylyk South Airport ()
Arys Northeast Airport ()
Astana International Airport (TSE, UACC)
Atbasar Airport (ATX)
Atyrau Airport (GUW, UATG)
Ayaguz Airport (UASA)
Badam Airport ()
Balkhash Airport (BXH, UAAH)
Belyye Vody Airport ()
Blinkovo Airport ()
Bugun Airport ()
Burynshik Airport ()
Burynshik Southeast Airport ()
Buzachi Airport ()
Chardara Airport (UA34)
Chikment / Khatynkopir Airport ()
Chilik Southeast Airfield ()
Chimkent/Sayram Airport ()
Chubarovka Airport ()
Dolon Air Base ()
Dolon Southwest Air Base ()
Dzhetygara Airport ()
Dzhezkazgan Airport ()
Ekibastuz Airport ()
Gurvey Northeast Airport ()
Iliysk North Airport ()
Iliysk South Airport ()
Karabulak Airport ()
Karaganda Southeast Airport ()
Karaganda Southwest Airport ()
Karazhal Airport ()
Kegan Airport ()
Kentau Airport ()
Kok-Tyube Airport ()
Kokchetav Airport ()
Kokshetau Airport (KOV, UACK)
Kostanay Airport ()
Kostanay West Airport (KSN, UAUU)
Krasnyy Most East Airport ()
Kyzylasker Airport ()
Kyzylkishlak Airport ()
Kzyl-Orda Airport ()
Kzyl-Orda Southwest Airport (KZO, UAOO)
Lugovoy Airport (UA36)
Narynkol Airport ()
Novotroitskoye Airport ()
Obruchevka Airport ()
Pavlodar Airport (PWQ, UASP)
Pervomoyevka Airport ()
Petropavlosk North Airport ()
Petropavlosk South Airport (PPK, UACP)
Podgorny Airport ()
Rodnikovskiy Airport ()
Sarkand Airport ()
Sary Agach Airport ()
Sary-Arka Airport (KGF, UAKK)
Semipalatinsk Airport (DLX, UASS)
Shagyr Airport ()
Shelpe Southeast Airport ()
Shymkent Airport (CIT, UAII)
Stepnoye East Airport ()
Stepnoye West Airport ()
Syugaty Airport ()
Taganassay Airport ()
Taldy Kurgan Northeast Airport ()
Tamerlanovka Airport ()
Taraz Airport (DMB, UADD)
Togyzbay Airport ()
Turkestan Airport ()
Uralsk Airport (URA, UARR)
Uralsk West Airport ()
Ush Tobe Airport ()
Ust Kamenogorsk Airport (UKK, UASK)
Uzen Airport ()
Volskoye Airport ()
Yeskiikan Southeast Airport ()
Zakirovskiy Airport ()
Zhezkazgan Airport (DZN, UAKD)
Zhilga South Airport ()

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