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Mosquito XE Helicopter - ReadyBuilt for Export (NEW)

Van Nuys Airport (VNY, KVNY) California
 45,500 USD
Mosquito XE Helicopter - ReadyBuilt for Export (NEW)

Mosquito XE Helicopter

For pure fun and enjoyment of flying there is nothing more exhilirating than the experience you'll have in this helicopter.

The Mosquito XE is the ideal ship to build time in at an extremely economical price, both for initial cost and ongoing operations. Fly for over 2 hours, or even 4 with optional extended tanks, at a comfortable cruise of 75 mph and a very miserly fuel burn of only 4.5 gallons per hour.

A deposit of $16,000 will secure your production position for the The Mosquito XE.

For the new pilot ROTOR F/X also offers special flight training packages for both ultralight and experimental helicopters of all types.

Easily convert the Mosquito XE to the license free Mosquito XEL available ReadyBuilt in the USA to fly in the Part 103 Ultralight category with no license required.

For complete information, specifications, performance, pricing options and over 40 in flight videos select "Mosquito Helicopters" from the left side menu on our web site

See the complete side by side comparison of all the Mosquito helicopter models, the AIR, XE, XEL, XE3 and the amazing Mosquito XET turbine helicopter.

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This helicopter is manufactured only upon order. Please check with us for the approximate delivery time as it varies with the current number of orders in production preceding your purchase

We crate, package and ship directly overseas from our location and handle all logistics and export documentation for this or any other helicopter.

Posted: May 24, 2012

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