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2001 Velocity SUV

McCarran International Airport (LAS, KLAS) Nevada
 32,000 USD

This is the Velocity SUV that is for sale
It comes with a Franklin 220hp engine with about 350 hrs. on it. It has just been rebuilt
It also comes with a 3 blade wooden prop. The factory says it doesn't reccomend a variable prop with the
Franklin engine as it would bring the top speed over Vne.
The wings were factory made and need only slight repair.
Everything I could think of to complete this plane is included except for paint, and a little new fiberglass resin.
Mostly what needs to be compleated is:
70% of the electrical wiring.
Interior and seating,
Engine cowlings.
Body contouring and smoothing.
Oil cooler plumbing. (pipe is included)
attachments of the canard.

I built it with the larger front hood as I was hearing that the normal small one really difficult to use.
This modification has been used on a few of the Velocitys with people happy they did it.
This way the canard can also easily be removed for the much needed room to acccess the instruments and nose compartment.

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Posted: Aug 3, 2017

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