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1985 Robinson R22 Alpha

Shobdon Aerodrome (EGBS) United Kingdom (UK)
1985 Robinson R22 Alpha


* 7 Hole instrument console
* Airspeed Indicator
* Altimeter
* KX155 Comm / Nav
* KI-203 Nav indicator
* KT73 Mode S transponder


The R22 Alpha is basically a R22 Beta but with just one fuel tank. There are some other differences, but this is the important one.

This makes it ideal for a training school, but not so good for long distance trips. Youíll also notice that it uses less fuel than a Beta or Beta II.

This one has had a complete overhaul by very experienced technicians and is ready for sale right now.

Youíve got 12 years and 2,200 hours to fly, which is exactly the same as a brand new Beta II. But 199 costs just over half as much as a new one.

So if you are looking for a training aircraft with a lot of hours and years, and you donít want to spend 200,000 euros, then 199 is certainly worth considering.

Posted: Nov 9, 2011

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