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1973 UTVA 66 (V-51)

Homestead General Avn Airport (X51, KX51) Florida
 50,000 USD
1973 UTVA 66 (V-51)

UTVA 66 (v 51) N404RC

Manufacturer�s Serial Number: 0855 Yugoslav Military Serial Number: 51146 Excellent condition- low engine and prop time- a rugged STOL aircraft and funto fly! Trade or Cash sale Call: M# 305-467-4042 Richard Osborne

The UTVA 66 is a well engineered and very ruggedly built STOL military utility aircraft designed for rough and short field operations.

It has been superbly designed for ease of field maintenance. All inspection panels are quick release type and enable inspection and lubrication. The engine cowling fully opens to enable good access for inspection and support. Foot-steps and handholds are incorporated to enable easy access to the top cowl and onto the upper wing.

The aircraft is equipped with leading edge slots, flaps, and drooping ailerons/flaperons. Power is a 340 hp Lycoming GSO480-B1J6 engine and a Hartzell three-blade constant speed propeller. It is a large four place aircraft incorporating dual stick controls, balanced flight control surfaces incorporating elevator trim. Ground adjustable compensating sheet tabs are provided for the rudder and aileron.

As an illustration of the utility and large interior size of the aircraft, in the �air ambulance� configuration, the right front and rear seats when removed allow two stretchers to be inserted through the upward opening rear canopy and carried one above the other on the right side with a medical attendant seated on the left behind the pilot..

The aircraft may be fitted with either: floats, skis or wheels. The V-51 series also includes wing weapons hard-points and an armament panel. Additionally it is equipped with a glider tow hitch and was routinely used as a parachute jump aircraft.

Incorporating lessons learned during the German Occupation of the Balkans, this aircraft was designed and manufactured by UTVA Fabrika Aviona Pancevo on 3 March,1973 and in December of that year was assigned to VP 1603 operating from Batajnica. It continued to serve with various units at M. Stanojlovic, Batajnica, Bihac and Pristina. Its last recorded entry was July, 1997 with 9858135 at Batajnica . Engine time: 109.00 hours and total time Airframe of 1061.45.

The aircraft was subsequently imported to Canada and briefly became C-GDLZ before being imported into the United States when it was re-registered as N404RC

Engine: Lycoming GSO480-B1J6 Serial Number: L-3316-33. The Yugoslav military removed the engines and propellers for overhaul before 500hours. This original engine has been overhauled twice and currently as of November 2008 has 1108.7 hours time since new and 138.7 hours since overhaul..
Propeller is a Hartzell Propeller Inc HC-B3Z20-1.

The aircraft is licensed in the Experimental Exhibition Category.


Wing Span: 11.4 meters/37.4 feet
Length: 8.38meters./ 27.5 feet
Height Overall: 3.2 meter / 10.5 feet
Wheel Track: 2.505 meter/ 8.2 feet

Empty Weight: 1266.08 kg / 2791.2 lbs..
Gross Weight: 1814.3 kg / 4000 lbs.
Useful Load 544.7 kg / 1208.8 lbs
Fuel 66 Gal 180 Kg / 396 lbs.

Endurance 4.1 hours

Vne 280 km/h 151.1 kts
Vfe 160 km.h 86.3 kts

Communications/ Navigation

King KTR 905 25 Watt Transceiver
King KXP 750A Transponder
ACL A30 Altitude Encoder
Marconi ADF
Plug for handheld GPS

I have operated this aircraft into and out of 500 foot R/C Aircraft �Airport�. This is a "Big Brute" aircraft!
The original Yugoslav Military Insignia remain visible on the aircraft. Interior retains the leather shoe "stirrups" and the Russian style "Pinned" harnesses.

The aircraft resides at Richard's Field ( O4FL), a grass field 3 miles NE of X51

This aircraft is offered at:

$55,000 OBO with trades being considered.

Posted: Nov 14, 2011

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