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1943 Stinson L-5

Ghedi Airport (LIPL) Italy
 49,900 EUR
1943 Stinson L-5

made from CONSOLIDATED VULTEE in 1943 as STINSON L-5 liaison airplane

registered in Italy as I-AEFU

she was accepted in Wayne, MI on Nov 2nd 1943 as 42-98596

she was flown to Grand Rapids on Nov 4th 1943 for crating

shipped by surface to Newark,NJ on Nov 20th 1943,

she arrived on Nov 30th 1943 to New York POE (port of

on DEC 11th 1943, 42-98596 left United States to the war, onboard LibertyShip Hall J Kelly.

onboard, there were 3 L-5's

42-98596 arrived to UK, at Avonmouth

to SOXO (8th AF) from Dec 11th 1943 to Jan 5th 1944

to GLUE (9th AF) from July 26th 1945 to July 18th 1946

to US AIR FORCE EUROPE on Nov 24th 1948 in Oberpfaffenhoffen with 7290 Air Base Group

under contract PROJ-ITA-26 to Italian Air Force, registered MM 52.873

on Dec 6th 1954, to aero clubs, for pilots' training as I-AEFU

I-AEFU is now registered as HISTORICAL AIRPLANE at ASI - AutoMotoClub Storico italiano with a gold plate, and the register number A035

aircraft holds a current ENAC form 20A Permit to Fly #8852/4 valid thru JAN 24th 2019

airplane total hours/cycles at last inspection: 2205hrs

always hangered, she went thru a complete engine overhaul at italian Lycoming shop, and it's now the best and
most original engine (O-435-C) that you can find in Italy

engine details at last inspection: TTSN 2492hrs - TSO 55h

ONCE AGAIN: SMOH -> 55hours ONLY!!!!

on last major inspection in 2009:

magnetos have been removed for bench test and inspection

carburator has been removed for application of Lyc 582A

Altimeter, Variometer and Airspeed indicators have been changed, and pitos static test carried out

battery replaced

avionic ramp test carried out

italian AD's and Lycoming SB's carried out

Propeller (wooden): Sensenich W85RB-57


VHF Com Dittel ATR720


airplane has a TOW HOOK installed and certified

ENAC approved Maintenance Program

all airframe, engine, radio official booklets are updated and available

Fabric in overall good condition, new fabric on the tail

Olive Drab US Army Air Force correct
period livery

Aicraft is presently near Milan, Italy, now recovered on a grass runway small airport.

it can be seen and started, with a due notice.

FRESH inspection on FEB 2016!

I have to sell her. price is only a fraction of her real value.

don't miss this chance for a REAL deal

Posted: Jul 28, 2017

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